“Authentic & Traditional Taste Of Doner Kebab” A product of United Arab Emirates.

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Doner Factory UAE

3 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

D K Emirates Industry is doing its factories according to the instructions, then the needs of Dubai Municipalities. Factories have been manufactured yet, including today’s technicians, licensed by several European partial partial Islamic centers.  Doner Factory UAE is a fast-multi-purpose mining technology that is still a French band business. So it has prepared Doner cabbage nails, then the furnishings chain is managed on the restaurants or hotels. Supply of more than a thousand shops around the world .

Doner Factory in UAE is reputed in offering Doner Kebab, Shawarma in different forms and packing. We mainly offer good quality meat products and Doner kebab all over the Asian regions and mainly in Emirates (UAE). Mutton cubes, Mutton Mince, Mutton Leg Boneless, Mutton Leg Bone-in and Mutton Carcasses are the various frozen mutton items we dealt with.