We have left no stone unturned in ensuring the highest quality for our products as well as the seamless operation of our supplies. That is why, we have carefully chosen our suppliers on the basis of their consistency, quality, price, and most importantly for their compliance and approved products or facilities for Dubai Municipality and SFDA.

For our veal products, we work exclusively with ESA (Van Drie Group) from the Netherlands, which is the leading company for halal veal in the world. We are constantly in direct contacts with them and import directly to UAE. When it comes to our chicken products, we work only with Dubai Municipality and SFDA approved slaughterhouses globally.

We are proactive in our communication and in case of any status change, we update our suppliers accordingly. Our spice mixes are exclusive and tailored and sourced from leading brands in Germany. We are also in the process of R&D with food technologists for launching new products including vegan doners and burgers.

We manage our delivery across UAE with our own fleet of freezer trucks.  Currently, we are supplying to leading international brands of doner franchises in Middle East, Africa and Asia. We have also expanded our export to GCC, Maldives, Seychelles, Caribbean, Malaysia, Pakistan, and have achieved the capability to export any location worldwide.